About Kids Workshop

Kids Workshop is a newly established company – founded in 2023 – which aims to provide top quality seminars for professionals such as OTs, SLPs, PT, Psych, Early Childhood & Special Edu Tearchers. Our Mission is to provide an ongoing training, in collaboration with Top Universities in their field, as of to stay up to date in latest methods.

“To Teach, To Love, To Guide, To Encourage. It is Who I am. It's my passion, it's my calling.״

Our Team

Elena Avramidou

Founder and Director

After obtaining her bachelor’s degree in Occupational Therapy from Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh, she went on to complete the Certificate in Early Intervention at Georgetown University. She underwent training in various techniques such as Sensory Integration, SOS feeding, DIR-floor time, TEACCH, PECS, CO-OP approach, ABA, and developed expertise in respiratory mechanisms. As a registered member of the Royal College of Occupational Therapists (RCOT), membership in the World Federation of Occupational Therapists (WFOT) and the Health and Care Professions Councils (HCPC) since 2019, she gained work experience in the pediatric setting working as early intervention provider with children who have neurodevelopmental disabilities. Additionally, she works as a School-based OT at Leonteios School of Athens. 

Despoina Avramidou

Founder, Speech and Language Therapist

She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy Pedagogy & Psychology (NKUA 2015) as well as a Bachelor of Science with Honours in Longopaedics (Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh, 2019). She has a Master’s degree in Special Education and Training (University of Patras and University of Nicosia). She has served as a clinical supervisor for third and fourth-year students at Metropolitan College. She has clinical experience in a range of communication, speech, and language disorders in the pediatric population, and has attended various educational seminars and trainings, as well as conferences related to assessment tools and therapeutic methods for children. She is a member of the Association of Speech Therapists in Greece (S.L.L.E).

Our Trainers

Dr. Elina Karantana

pediatrician - developmental specialist
Director of the Health Department at "P & A Kyriakou" Children's Hospital Scientific Supervisor of the Development Department

Α mother of two girls, was born in Athens and graduated from Arsakeio Psychiko. She holds a degree from the Medical School of Semmelweis University in Budapest. She trained at the Pediatric Clinic of the Regional Hospital of Rhodes and later at the Pediatric Clinic of General Hospital “Agios Panteleimon – Nikaia.”
She received specialized training in “Developmental Pediatrics” at the Third Pediatric Clinic of the University of Athens, in the “Attikon” Hospital. She is a member of the Greek network for Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), the Greek Society for the Study of ADHD, the Greek Society of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics, and is responsible for academic studies at the Panhellenic School of Companion Support and a PhD candidate at the Medical School of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens.
From 2007 until May 14, 2020, she was part of the medical staff at “P. & A. Kyriakou” Children’s Hospital: from 2010 to January 2019, she was Scientific Director of the Developmental Clinic in the Department of Public Health, and from 2012 she also served as the director. In May 2020, she resigned from the National Health System (ESY) and joined the Scientific Team of Pediatric Endocrine Clinics, taking over the management of the Developmental Department.

Anna Iliadi

Occupational Therapist

She attended medical school as a scholar at the Izhevsk State Medicine Academy (1989) and chose to complete her undergraduate studies in Occupational Therapy at the Athens Technological Educational Institute (T.E.I.) (1999). She holds a BTEC Professional Diploma in SLD-Dyslexia from the UK (2011). In (2005), she founded the “Ergastirio Paidon” under her direction. She has been working there for the past 25 years as a clinical pediatric Occupational Therapist, specializing in sensory-motor and neuro-developmental interventions genetic abnormalities, and specific learning difficulties for children aged 12 months to 18 years. She is recognized and authorized to administer the A’ TEST – Screening Test for preschool children (2000), Sensory Integration intervention (2000),Educator of Portage early intervention program (2002), Listening Program (2008), ATHINA test (2010), S.O.S Feeding approach (2016), and many other therapeutic approaches such as TEACCH, PECS, MAKATON, MORE, CBD, etc., conducted within her space, with ongoing education until 2023. She is a member of the Association of Greek Occupational Therapists and the Panhellenic Association of Owners of Primary Care and Mental Health Units for children, adolescents, and families.

Manoli Chrysoula

Occupational Therapist

She obtained her degree in Occupational Therapy from the Athens Technological Educational Institute (T.E.I.) in 2007. She founded the “Smiley Kids” under her direction. She practiced in the field of occupational therapy primarily focused on pediatric and early intervention for children ranging from 16 months to 3 years old, pre-school, and school-age children with developmental disorders including but not limited to Autism Spectrum Disorders, speech and developmental delays, syndromes such as Cri du Chat (CDC), Down syndrome, Rett syndrome, etc., attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and sensory integration issues. She is certified in Sensory Integration intervention and Video Modelling in autism. Additionally, she volunteered in programs such as P.O.S.G.K.A.M.E.A, Camps of the Ministry of Health & Welfare as an Assistant, and the Panhellenic Association of Adapted Sports & Cultural Activities.

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