Individuals interested in attending any of our KidsWorkshop seminars/conferences need to complete a participation application on our website, specifically for the seminars they wish to join.
Completing the application does not indicate a commitment to participate; rather, it serves as a means to share the necessary contact information. Once the application is submitted, an email will be sent containing details about the desired seminar and instructions for securing a spot.
If you don’t receive an email response within 5 business days, please check your spam or junk folder before contacting us at 6972958220.
Upon following the emailed instructions and making the required payment for the workshop, please notify us via email at [email address] regarding the payment.
 After verification by kids workshop, a confirmation email will be sent in response to your notification. Please be aware that transfers from banks other than Piraeus Bank may take up to three business days to process. It’s important to note that submitting a participation application without paying the fees as instructed does not guarantee workshop participation or a reserved spot. To secure your place in the workshop, interested individuals must make a valid and complete payment, adhering fully to the provided instructions.
To participate in the seminars, the required tax documents are provided in accordance with the relevant legislation. These documents act as evidence of the services rendered to each participant, with invoices issued for freelancers and businesses, and receipts for individuals, following the applicable invoicing regulations.
If an invoice needs to be issued, participants are required to submit their invoicing details to (email address) no later than five days prior to the seminar. Otherwise, a receipt for the services provided will be issued for their seminar participation.
The document will be sent to the participant’s provided email address or an alternative email address specified by them, before the document is issued.
Unless otherwise communicated by Kids Workshop, the delivery of the documents via email will be completed within one week after the seminar completion.
The kids Workshop does not have an obligation to provide a full or partial refund of the fees paid, unless one of the following situations occurs:
☑️If the organizers cancel the seminar.
☑️If all available spots in the seminar are filled by individuals who have completed their registration in accordance with the priority order.
✅In all other cases, fees will not be refunded.
Refunds for fees will be processed within 15 days from the date when the customer’s bank account information is provided.
Please note that it is possible to replace participants by changing the names associated with the registration.
In the case where a discount is offered for group registration in a specific workshop, the group must be registered up to seven days prior to the workshop’s date. The group registration is done by sending an email with the names of the members to the designated email address by a member or representative of the group.
*The above registration can be done before or after the payment of the fees, which is necessary to reserve a spot in the workshop.
*Additional participants cannot be added to the group after the registration.

In the case where a discount is offered for undergraduate colleagues or unemployed individuals in a specific workshop, proof of student status or unemployment is required to avail the discount. This proof should be sent via email along with the information regarding the deposit/payment to the designated email address. The provided documentation must be valid during the month of the seminar. The verification of student status or unemployment may be rechecked by Kids Workshop one week before the seminar’s date.

☑️Each seminar provides participants with the specific material mentioned in the seminar’s content. If the seminar is interpreted in Greek, the educational material provided may be in English or translated accordingly.
☑️After the seminar, participants will receive their letter of attendance within one week from university. The certificate will be sent via email. Please note that active participation throughout the entire seminar is necessary to receive the letter.

Frequently Asked Questions

For your convenience, here are some frequently asked questions from parents and our answers. If you have any other questions or concerns please feel free to contact us.